What is Included in your Wind Mitigation Inspection

  1. Building Code: In what year the structure was built.
  2. Roof Coverings: ​We will check all roof coverings types used and in what year they were installed.
  3. Roof Deck Attachment: ​We will identify what type of wood deck attachment was used.
  4. Roof to Wall Attachment: ​We will verify what type of roof to wall attachment was used.
  5. Roof Geometry: We will determine what is the roof shape.
  6. Secondary Water Resistance: ​We will try to verify if a second water resistance was used.
  7. Opening Protection: ​We will check was is the weakest form of wind borne debris protection installed on the structure.

Savings Combos

The purpose of  the Windstorm Inspection is to determine the capability of a given structure to resist strong winds in case of a hurricane. In Florida the portion of a homeowner's premium covering may be up to 70% of the total, depending on location. Schedule your inspection now and discover how much you can save in insurance premium.

All our inspection are sent to you and your insurance agent via email same day after the physical inspections is completed.

This Inspection is only $75.00 and $50.00 if ordered with your Full Home Inspection. 

4 Point Inspection

Windstorm Inspection and Four Point Inspection schedule for same day only $125.00

Windstorm Inspection, Four Point Inspection and Roof Condition Report schedule for same day only $160.00

This Inspection is only $75.00 and $50.00 if ordered with your Full Home Inspection. 

Most Insurance Companies require a Four Point Inspection to be performed on a home before you the home buyer/owner receive the Homeowner Insurance. 4 Point Insurance Inspections needs to be performed by Certified Inspectors in the State of Florida and can not be done by the homeowners themselves.

All Four Point Inspections include the evaluation of the four main systems and components.

  1. Roof: ​The insurance companies want to know in what year the roof was built, how much longer the roof will protect the house and in what condition is at the moment of the inspection.
  2. Plumbing: ​Insurance companies are looking for what type of pipes is being used, the conditions of the plumbing system (any leaks?) and if it was updated in what year.
  3. Electrical system: Insurance companies want to know the size of the breakers panels, if there is any wiring defect and the dates of any update.
  4.  Air Conditioning System / Heating (HVAC): Insurance companies are interested to know the date of installation, approximate remaining life and if it is in working condition at the time of the inspection.

Wind Mitigation Inspection

Roof Condition Report

This Inspection is only $75.00 and $50.00 if ordered with your Full Home Inspection and it can save you hundreds in insurance premium yearly.

The Roof Condition Report is asked by insurance companies when your roof is 25 years old for shingles and 50 years old for clay and concrete tiles, what they want to know is if there was any update of that roof, in what condition is the roof at the time of the inspection (any damage or signs of active leak) and what is the life expectancy of the installed roof.

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